Welcome to the revolutions in the computing and information world

Scientific, mechanical, technological, computer and information revolutions are welcomed and accepted. But how far? Humanity, human existence is not affected by them, only as long as it does not create danger. If there are signs of destruction of humanity and human existence due to these revolutions, they have to be regulated and controlled, they have to be tied down. What is the use of progress and development that initiates human existence? Is it possible if all these revolutions end the human being, wipe out his existence? Time has come to think and reflect in this direction. Biodiversity in various forms on the surface is being destroyed. Therefore, the harmony, coordination and balance of the natural cycle is deteriorating. It has affected the attitude, tendency and nature of man. Human existence is surrounded by various kinds of crises. The naturalness of humans has started to ebb. There has been a threat to the brilliance and vitality of human beings. Humans have taken great leaps, set records of progress and development in all fields, but is it possible to eliminate humans? All these revolutions, progress, development and research have meaning only if man survives, his existence is secured. The time has come to use inventions, researches and revolutions to create a mindset, attitude and tendency that man should not do any activity that destroys his own existence. Services, facilities, tools created by science are not bad. But their excessive, indiscriminate use is dangerous. Does this science teach humans? The product created through discovery, research and science is for the service and convenience of human beings. Man should know that he has limits. Can we turn a blind eye and ignore the apocalypse due to mindless extremism? Man’s existence was subordinated by man. Therefore, all the elements except the man got importance. That is why murders started to happen and increase.There should be a discussion and reflection on the burning issue of electronic media.People should be stirred up. All this must happen. Due to their channels, the degradation and violation of humanity is happening. Humanity is constantly being poured with masala masala that cripples, deforms and destroys. Entertainment also has rules, criteria and limits, it should be there. If a person eats and drinks for twenty-four hours because he is hungry and thirsty, will he remain alive? Why not think about this? Will the electronic media do this? will not Man himself has to think about this and take care and take measures to secure his own existence. Where there is excess, monotonous progress, crisis, destruction should be at the center of thought.
Swadhyasurya Pujaniya Pandurangasastri Athawale told the human very well and fundamentally,
Call anyone dumb poor,
Don’t be such a sheep.
What is happening today, look at yourself, look at your own body in the temple. What is going on , what is happening ? Why is man becoming sick , dull , helpless , restless , restless , immoral ? Who will think about this ? No entity other than man will think this. Therefore, efforts should be made first and foremost to stop the eclipse of humanity. This is the present instruction to man. If a person does not improve himself by understanding the instructions, signals and messages of the present, disaster will result. Human existence will perish. After stopping for a while near the signal in the city, the life is suffocated. If you continue to ignore it, that condition will reach your home. Then we will not be able to save ourselves and future generations. So he says, dear friends, listen carefully, the next danger is coming. Time has not yet passed.
Save yourself. Come out of the box. The existence of our body temple has become threatened. Man-made crises must be curbed.
Are you regretting now?
When the bird chugh gayi khet.
Humans should not be in such a state.
How frightening it is that man is destroying man

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