1 May Maharashtra Day / Labor Day

The word worker means,

ka .Employment Persistence.
M. Greatness is the goal of life.
ga Every deed has a song of gratitude
R. Constantly happy in the interest of the country.

. In fact every person should be connected with the concept of worker. We should reflect on the background of Maharashtra Day and World Workers’ Day. Inventor Dr. Some patriots like Babasaheb Ambedkar, democrat Annabhau Sathe, Narayan Meghaji Lokhande, poet Narayan Surve raised their voices for the all-round flourishing, development and welfare of the workers who dedicated their body, mind, skill, strength and life to strengthen the foundation of the country’s construction. If the Constitution of India is carefully studied, pondered and brainstormed, how much it has been carefully considered for the protection of the interests of the marginalized and neglected workers. Due to the corona epidemic and the continuous downfall in the industrial business, a frightening situation has arisen that the worker is destroyed. Both time we will get wet and dry or not ?We will survive or not ? Where is the politics of the country going when such questions of existence are increasing and being faced? The ruling party and the opposition are busy throwing mud at each other. Each one is wasting his tenure only telling himself and his own party how superior and how corrupt the others are. A separate cabal of men is growing, intoxicated by greed for power, wealth and collection. After death, there is no facility to take it with you, otherwise what would have happened? How many organizations and assets each politician has is not counted. It is the congregation that shouts of equality, brotherhood, and preaches to the masses. The ways of telling the stories of their pains and sufferings in a legitimate way were closed for the workers and laborers. The discord between the judiciary, the administration and the rulers is increasing. Media organizations have become temptations.This is a serious matter. The two words country interest and public interest have become lifeless and lifeless. Everyone is worried, scared, confused. Who is the savior of the people who are overwhelmed by the helpless incidents of natural disasters, the poor farmers of the world?
In fact, it is time for every person to introspect and improve themselves. The door to the inner sources of latent skill, strength, confidence, pride, self-satisfaction in the body temple should be opened. I am the architect of my life. One should reveal and develop self by breaking the shell of ego, attachment and ignorance. This naive hope and superstition should be buried that some messiah will come, manifest and do good to me and my family. The inner spark should be found. We do not think about the energy, light, heat, radiance, life force in the body temple. There are infinite, precious jewels hidden in this temple. The time has come for everyone to search for them and become a beacon. Why don’t we use the life development energy sources in the body temple? One should stop looking for external treatment, effort, support for everything, and draw one’s own attention to what abilities, skills, skills, energy, light are there in the body temple. Inner strength, treasure should be used. Religion, culture, spirituality all have their roots in the inner self. A man should not be religious or fanatical. How can the pure, sacred and original nature of the chaos that was born on the three elements of religion, culture and spirituality be removed without removing them? On May 1, 1960, services, facilities and reforms began to flow in Maharashtra. Many things have come to us, are coming, will come. In order to benefit, taste and enjoy them, our humanity should be intact. Man has destroyed his own humanity .He banished kindness .Due to his arrogance he assumed monstrosity . This is a complex problem. If human beings do not stop the exploitation of nature, people will be burnt to death by the heat of the sun. The number of deaths due to heatstroke is increasing. The shortage of oxygen is increasing. However, man does not become a nature worshiper, a nature preserver. Man has disturbed the balance of the five great spirits. Mankind has been destroyed by lust for indulgence and the desire to collect. No matter how great the constitution is, if it is not implemented, the state of the people will be dumb and poor. Celebrate Maharashtra Day, Worker’s Day, but don’t humiliate, humiliate, helplessness and destroy the farmer and the worker.

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