[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Gitess.com is an Indian job portal committed to linking qualified job seekers with potential employers. Aware of the challenges that young graduates and job seekers face in gaining meaningful employment reflective of their skills and knowledge, and those that corporations and employers face in seeking the right individuals to perform specialized functions in their institutions, the website was created to bridge this gap.

By registering to this website, the user agrees to Gitess.com terms and conditions for using our services. Our terms and conditions are legally binding and breaking them could lead to either suspension or a total ban on using the website. In extreme cases and where the terms and conditions were broken are in line with Indian Law, legal action could be pursued against the perpetrator.

Payment Transfer Conditions: Payments on the portal are transferred using credible and recognized institutions such as Visa and Mastercard.

User Job Posting Responsibility and Security: Every user is responsible for ensuring that they remain safe and secure while using the portal. To this accord, it is the user’s responsibility to limit the amount of personal information that they share on the portal to ensure that they do not share information that endangers them, or other on the portal.

Gitess.com Responsibility and Security: Gitess.com is committed to ensuring the security of all our users. We consider it our responsibility to keep the information shared on our website safe and secure at all times. To that effect, private information shared on our website is not shared with third parties.

Job Posting: We believe that every job seeker that creates a profile on our portal is unique and has unique qualities to offer to the employer. As such, duplication is not allowed on the portal.

All payments are Non-refundable: All payments made for using the portal or for other purposes are non-refundable. To avoid confusion, users are advised to make inquiries before making any payments on the portal to ensure that they are justified.

Website Data are Secure: All the data shared and contained in Gitess.com is secure from third party access or interference. Our portal is laced with security encryption that makes it impossible for unauthorized entities to access user data.

Recruitment Placements, Consulting Agencies and Working Style: The portal presents a medium for job seekers to reach potential employers through the placement of recruitment qualifications. Consulting agencies can also create profiles on the website to advertise their services to potential clients. All parties can post their working styles on the portal.

Bulk Recruitment Charges: Users will be charged for using the website on a regular basis depending on their usage plan. Upon recruitment, users will be liable to one-time bulk charges.

Internet Disruptions: In the event that the internet is down, users are advised to remain calm and wait until the portal is up and running again.

Job Posting Categories: In the portal, there are many different categories for job seekers to consider while posting their jobs. Every job seeker will post their job in the most relevant category for their qualifications.

Indian Cyber Law: All users must adhere to Indian cyber laws at all times while on the portal. Those found to be in contradiction of these laws will be automatically banned from using the portal.

Linking to Other Sites: Linking user profiles or other components posted on the portal to external sites is strictly forbidden. Those found to be in contradiction will be suspended from the portal.

Non-Job Related Content: Gitess.com is exclusively a job portal. The posting of non-job related content is prohibited and could lead to suspension from the portal.

Advertisements on User Banners: Users are advised to check that their banners do not contain messages that promote products, companies or other entities. Advertisements on user banners are strictly prohibited and could lead to indefinite suspension from the portal.

User Registration: All users must read and understand the terms and conditions for using the website before attempting to register. Those who proceed to register must be in agreement with these terms and conditions and will be liable to the specified consequences for breaking them. All users must be 18 years and over at the point of registering to the website. All users must have employment qualifications which would enable them to attain employment on the portal. All users must be able to pay the user fees without fail.

Nashik – Job’s Summary – 

1.Payment transfer conditions
You need to Transfer Full Payment to us. To Avail Services from us, The name on your Account and Credit Card Should Be same.You Can’t Transfer Money to us on Behalf of others.
2.user job posting responsibility and security
You Need to Take Responsibility for Jobs you have posted on our site. Fraudulent Activity and Jobs Posted on our site will be Liable to serious Action. Please post things that are Legal and are within our site’s Terms and Conditions.
3.Gitess.com responsibility and security
Gitess.com takes Complete Guarantee of security of Your Account and Jobs you Have posted. We work Each Day to Increase Security of our site.and we are Hack Proof
4. Job posting, not duplication allowed 
Our Policy Strictly Prohibits Posting Duplicate Jobs and Serious Action will be Take if someone is Found posting Duplicate Jobs and we Have Rights to even Ban your Accounts.The Security of our site is Our main duty and hence action will be taken if someone tries to break our terms and conditions
5. Payment  are nonrefundable 
Payment once sends to us using any means are Strictly non-Refundable.We Have a Strict Policy against Refund. Only in special cases Refund is Allowed
6. Web site data are secure 
Our Website Data is 100% Secured from Hackers. Our each day to improve the security of our Site.
Our team works on Security and any attack on site thru any means is not possible.we take 100% guarantee of Data.
 7  If you are registering on Gitess.com, you will be able to assist gitess.com with full job,
Also Gitess Com This portal can not assure you the certainty or guarantee that you give or take a job
gitess.com can not give you a job fully guarantee
Note :
For any kind of legal dispute related to gitess.com would be the only region of the Nation. All the legal issues are subjected only to the pertinent contemporary’s laws in force at Nishik maharashtra state to the jurisdiction of courts only nashik maharashtra state in the place.
The rule conditions on the web site are left